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I think I should travel more

04-01-2016 / vizualizări: 633

The society today, in which we grow, always urges us to work more, to produce more, to spend more, to get a house with mare rooms than the one we live in today, to change our car with one newer and more efficient, to change clothes as often as we change our socks, because the seasons pass quickly – don’t they? -, but on the other hand, somehow, independent of thinking currents, by ourselfs, we will get to a point where we discover that none of the materials will not ensure our happiness, that happiness does not come from objects, and as many religions thoughts, many wise, nothing material will accompany us to world beyond, no matter what we believe (or not) will happen after death. No need to become nihilistic, just to get (on your own) to understand that we leave with are only memories of the places we saw, that enjoyed our souls, the people we loved, the smell of coffee from a cozy cafe in a city not shown on maps, images, odors and sounds we have collected throughout life. That's what I think it is.

I think You should travel more.